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RNG and Fair Play

Net Entertainment upholds its integrity by keeping its game system and mathematics accurate and tested, including the Random Number Generators. Trusted and accredited third party testing agencies are given the permission to fully examine genuinely the algorithm of desktop games, mobile games and Live Casino games.

iTech Labs is one of the RNG certified checker. How they conduct the tests? Aside from its accuracy, iTech follows strict gaming guidelines and jurisdictions in setting the right requirements and standards.

First of all, they make sure that examinations are done randomly by conducting the Marsaglia’s Diehard Battery Tests of Randomness.

Then, a series of scale tests are given to the slot, roulette and scratch card games.

After that, there will be shuffling tests for the deck card games. Same as the land- based casino operations; shuffling tests are done for single deck- without and with one joker, 4-deck, 6-deck, and 8-deck games.

When system and RNG tests are over, results will be finger printed to ensure its authenticity. Original Lab certificates are then released for the players and operators to view. It can be seen through the Net Entertainment site as well.

Net Entertainment’s dedication is seen in giving only the best in online casino games through their transparency to the avid customers and operators.

This, along with their newest technological development such as Better Gaming, Mobile Gaming and Live Casino Games are proofs that Net Entertainment never fails to wow not just the casino gaming enthusiasts, but different reputable gaming institutions as well.

Some of the recommendations include Kroon’s Director Emiel Dunning stated that “Live Casino is of the quality you would expect from Net Entertainment; the best. The high definition graphics set Live Casino miles apart from the competition.”

More than that, Mr. Green’s Chief Product Officer Marcus Aurala commended Touch said that “NetEnt Touch games perform very well in all our markets- thanks to the polished user experience and good support for various phone models.”

Additionally, Unibet’s Head of Gaming Daniel Eskota testified that “Excellent games are of course a crucial ingredient for any supplier, and NetEnt has a reputation and history of providing games of the very highest quality. They deliver time and time again with innovative and exciting titles that our players love.”

With these heart warming testimonies, Net Entertainment has proven its mission and vision as a success. Do not hesitate to check their online casino and entertainment games.